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Smart Heating & Air Conditioning is your resource for air conditioning repair. We are committed to providing quality AC repair in Walnut Creek, California with fair pricing. You can rely on us to be at your doorstep on time and ready to fix your air conditioning system. We have the tools, parts, and experience to complete your air conditioning repair quickly and correctly.

Our certified technicians’ team works on all makes and models of heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, and ventilation systems. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction with every repair we make. With years of Walnut Creek furnace repair experience, you can confidently say that our skilled professionals have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to get the job done right and ensure indoor air quality even in the contra costa county area.

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AC repair is one of our specialties. If your air conditioner is showing signs of breaking down, don’t delay seeking expert help. Make sure to schedule your ac maintenance at least once a year so you can avoid being caught off guard by an unexpected malfunction issue. That will be the last thing you want to deal with during the summer seasons.

At our company, your home comfort for a fair price is our top priority. We are HVAC contractors who are committed to providing emergency services in Walnut Creek, CA. If your equipment is beyond repair we also have the right team to handle you ac replacement needs to get your home cooled for summer. Our technicians are licensed and bonded to ensure the job is done right. We are fully insured to protect our customers and their properties. That’s why so many Walnut Creek residents count on us for excellent service. 

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Signs You Need Air Conditioning System Repair Service

Air conditioning repair in Walnut Creek, CA, can be costly, and malfunctions can become more extensive if they are ignored, so you should schedule air conditioner repairs as soon as you notice any of the following signs: 

It’s Making Strange Noises

There are a few typical sounds you should never hear your AC unit make. If it starts making unusual sounds, like clunking or squealing, this could be due to loose parts or corrosion and can lead to more extensive damage if it’s not repaired immediately. You need to call an expert right away if this sound occurs.

It’s Leaking Water

Water leaking from your AC units can cause extensive damage, so you should never let it go unrepaired. If water is dripping from the unit or puddling around it, don’t delay getting help. A simple leak can become a significant problem if not repaired right away. You also need to contact the right experts. Otherwise, the damage can get out of hand, and you could be facing expensive repairs.

Your Electricity Bill Has Increased Dramatically

If this has happened to you, you could have a severe problem on your hands. A faulty or poorly maintained unit can use up to three times as much energy, so if your electricity bill has skyrocketed, this could be the reason why. Hire our Walnut Creek furnace repair specialists to inspect your system and prevent future problems.

It’s No Longer Cooling Your Home

If you notice that your unit isn’t cool enough, the problem could be something simple like a dirty filter or corroded fan. However, if it still has trouble cooling your home in hot weather after cleaning it out, you may have an electrical issue on your hands. We highly recommend calling professional maintenance services in Walnut Creek, CA, if you have a unit that no longer cools efficiently.

Your Air Flow Has Decreased Significantly

A decreased airflow could be caused by a dirty filter, entire condenser coil, or corroded fan. If it seems to be losing power in the middle of cooling your home, it might be due to an electrical issue. You should let an expert diagnose your system right away. You might needs air cleaners because there also might be a problem with your air ducts.

The Unit Is Leaking Water

If you notice water around the base of your unit, don’t ignore it. The issue could be as simple as a frozen line and easily repaired by our Professionals. However, if the leak is near the compressor area, there may be more severe issues with your system that need attention immediately.

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