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Smart Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing top-quality AC repair to help our valued customers say bye to frequent unit breakdowns, beat the heat, save on energy costs, and stay comfortable when the summer hits.

Our team of technicians has years of experience providing fast, reliable repair service for all makes and models of air conditioners. We understand that a broken AC in the middle of summer can be extremely frustrating, so we always strive to make your unit efficient again within the quickest time possible.

We Provide Comprehensive AC Repair Services to Ensure Your Utmost Comfort

It’s hard to figure out what’s causing your air conditioner’s failure. You should have the expert team at Smart Heating & Air Conditioning take a look at your unit to diagnose the problem and for your peace of mind.

Whether it’s a clogged condensate line, faulty compressor, cracked duct network, or a damaged thermostat, Smart Heating & Air Conditioning will have it fixed right the first time to avoid any future troubles and problems.

We always come  equipped with all the tools, parts and materials needed for a repair job. This means that you will never go through another day without the comfort of your AC unit.

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Common FAQs About Air Conditioner Repair 

My air conditioner seems to turn off by itself, is this normal? 

This is actually a common problem with air conditioners, and it can be caused by different factors, such as low refrigerant levels, problems with the thermostat setting, or issues with the compressor.

If your air conditioner is turning off unexpectedly, you should consult a professional to help diagnose and resolve the issue. They will be able to assess the condition of your system and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to get your air conditioner running again.

Why does my air conditioner not automatically restart even after switching it on? 

After you turn on your air conditioner, it should automatically restart within a few minutes. If it does not, there may be an issue with some of your air conditioning components like the thermostat and the compressor. But for better results and diagnosis, no one does better than the AC repair Alameda CA from a qualified technician.

What’s the best option for a damaged air conditioner? Should I replace or repair it? 

Well, this depends on various factors, such as the extent of damage to your air conditioner, the age and condition of your unit, and the cost of repairs.

Whether your air conditioner is fairly new or the damage is not too extensive, then repairs may be the best option. But, if your unit is older and the damage is more significant, then replacement may be a better choice.

When Should You Have Your Unit Repaired?

Have you noticed your energy bills going up even though you haven’t been using your air conditioner more often? That’s a tell-tale sign that your unit is working harder than it should to maintain the temperature you set, requiring immediate AC repair Alameda, CA from the right HVAC specialist.

Below are the other signs you should look out for when it’s time to have your air conditioner serviced:

Warm air is coming from the vents instead of cool air.

It’s not uncommon for your air conditioner to  have problems like these during the summer months and it’s possible that its filters are clogged, the refrigerant level is too low, or the fan is faulty.

Your unit is making strange noises. 

It’s perfectly normal for your air conditioner to make a sound while running. but if  it’s making loud banging, grinding, or squealing noises, it’s something you should not relax about as it could be an early warning sign of a potential problem.

The thermostat is not working properly. 

If your air conditioner turns on and off frequently or doesn’t turn on at all, there might be an issue with the thermostat. The thermostat could be defective and needs to be replaced, or it may simply need to be calibrated correctly.

Frequent AC Malfunctions? Call Smart Heating & Air Conditioning!

If you’re dealing with frequent AC malfunctions or the system is simply not working as it should, don’t worry about the cost of repair or replacement. Smart Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive AC repair Alameda CA at a price that you can afford. call us now at 925-243-7668 to schedule an appointment!

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