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Imagine it’s summer, and your air conditioner goes out, and the local contractor you hire is inexperienced or worse, doesn’t complete your project on time.

At Smart Heating & Air Conditioning, we take our job seriously and have a vested interest in your satisfaction. Aside from having a team of highly trained and experienced HVAC technicians, we make sure to arrive on time and complete our work in a timely manner. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our AC repair Albany, CA and other services we specialize in.

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Why Short-Cycling is Bad for Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioners go through cycles to maintain the temperature in your home or office. And as it reaches your desired temperature in your space, it will automatically shut off until another cycle starts again.

But when it happens too often, it can cause serious damage to your unit. Short-cycling is when your AC turns on and off more often than it should, which is something you cannot take lightly. Here’s why:

It Causes Wear and Tear
It’s normal for air conditioners to experience wear and tear as it’s used over time. But when it turns on and off too frequently, the level of wear and tear will greatly increase, which will cause your unit to break down much sooner than it’s supposed to. So, when your air conditioner is short-cycling, it’s best to have it checked immediately with the top-of-the-line AC repair Albany, CA from the pros.

It Lowers Efficiency
When your air conditioner runs all the time, it will also have to use more energy, which in turn will lead to higher monthly bills. Not only that, it will also cause your unit to overwork, which will lead to even more repairs in the future. And for your system to stay efficient year-round, scheduling maintenance services or AC repair Albany, CA should be your top priority.

It Worsens Indoor Air Quality
If your air conditioner is short-cycling, the quality of your indoor air will also suffer. Since the unit will have to work harder, it will also produce more moisture, which can result in the growth of mold and mildew. Not to mention, it will also cause the unit to release dirty air into your home or office, which can trigger allergies and respiratory problems.

It Can Cause Water Leakage
One of the consequences of short-cycling is water leakage. When your AC turns on and off too frequently, it will cause the evaporator coils to freeze, which will then lead to water dripping from the system. When not solved immediately, this can cause even more damage to your unit. But fret not! Working with a certified local contractor can be a lifesaver!

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