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At Smart Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of heating installation services to homeowners throughout Northern California. We have been the trusted HVAC company in Walnut Creek, CA for years. We have a long list of satisfied customers, and our technicians are recognized for their exceptional service.

Whether you need a complete system replacement or would only like a part replaced, our highly experienced technicians have the tools and skills to ensure the job is done professionally, quickly, and correctly. 

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Heating Installation Pittsburg, CA

With our extensive experience, we are regarded as one of the most skilled heating companies in Walnut Creek, CA. Our reputation has been built on our commitment to excellence and total dedication to our premium service level.

We offer a variety of other heating services regarding air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps to be sure you have the best possible equipment for your home. We go above and beyond to provide our customers with a positive experience each time we visit their homes.

Things to Consider Before A Heating Installation

Several things should be considered before you replace your heating unit. This can be done by having one of our trained technicians come out to assess the condition of your system.

If you are thinking about replacing or upgrading your heating system, it’s essential to consider the following:

Age of Your System

If your unit is well beyond its life expectancy, it’s probably a good idea to have it replaced. Old units can be dangerous because they are prone to breakdowns and sometimes do not distribute heat evenly throughout the home.

They’re also known for being expensive to operate. If you have no idea of the age of your unit, it’s best to have it inspected.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient units will save you money on monthly utility bills and give off heated air that doesn’t contain as many pollutants and allergens. They typically have to be professionally installed and require an Annual Maintenance Service Agreement (AMSA) to keep them running at their best.

Indoor Air Quality

There’s a good chance you already know that the air quality inside your home can be as much as five times worse than it is outside. If you’re breathing in dirty, unfiltered air every day, it might be time to consider looking into an energy-efficient unit with a high level of filtration.

Heating Output

Your heating unit should provide enough warmth to keep your home comfortable in the winter. If you’re not satisfied with the heat distribution throughout your home, it might be time to replace your current unit.

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Our Smart Heating & Air Conditioning team has a long list of satisfied customers who return to us year after year for all their heating needs. When you compare our prices with those from other companies, you’ll see that we offer top-quality service at competitive rates.

In addition to this, we will never charge you extra fees if your system breaks down on a weekend or holiday. We are committed to providing only the best customer service and quality products available. 

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