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What Should I Do Before Installing a New Air Conditioner?

When you invest in a new AC, it can be an exciting purchase. However, you need to make sure that your home is prepared for the installation of a new air conditioning unit before the contractor arrives at your house.

Here are some steps that you should take to prepare for AC installation in Lafayette CA: 

  1. Assess Your Existing Conditioning Unit
    If possible, start by assessing your existing cooling unit. You will want to remove any objects that would restrict access and allow enough room around the unit so that it can work efficiently after the installation.

    It is also a good idea to clean up debris from around the exterior and interior of your home because these could get into or block parts of the new system when it is running.

    Remember to also carefully review your manufacturer’s warranty and note any special conditions that may void the agreement.

  1. Consider the Location of Your New Unit
    When you are ready to install a new AC, it is important to consider the location of your unit. The contractor will need access to both an electrical outlet and a water source for the installation process.

    If you have a forced-air heating system, there should already be ductwork in place which will make the installation process much easier. It is important to avoid putting the unit in an area where it will be shaded by trees or buildings because this can reduce its efficiency.

  1. Prepare for Some Disruption in Your Home
    You should expect some disruption when you install a new AC unit in your home. This can include noise, debris, and even a temporary drop in temperature while the system is running and adjusting to its new settings.

    To minimize this disruption, you should make sure that any pets or young children are safe and sound during the installation process.

    By preparing for your air conditioner installation in advance, you can ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you enjoy the benefits of your new system as soon as possible.

With these tips in mind, you can begin planning for your home’s next AC upgrade today!

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