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An air conditioning system is undoubtedly a gift to humanity. With summers getting hotter, it’s a challenge to live comfortably during the summer months. An air conditioning system cools our place, so we don’t suffer the sweltering heat.

If your existing air conditioning unit calls for a replacement or you just don’t have an AC yet, call Smart Heating & Air Conditioning. Our highly-trained and certified technicians can assist you with the installation process. We’ll ensure you get the right unit and it’s installed correctly. When you choose our team, you can rest assured you’ll get the best AC installation service Martinez that’s worth your money and time.

What Are The Types of Air Conditioning Units?

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Air conditioning units come in many different sizes, shapes, and forms. And, as you might expect, they all differ quite substantially in how they work.

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning units are a common option for cooling multiple rooms simultaneously. It is also called a ducted air conditioning system; it uses ductwork to distribute air throughout a property. 

Central AC can be costly and time-consuming to install, especially if there’s no ductwork in place yet. Installing the ductwork often takes time and effort since it runs throughout a property. It can also cost thousands of dollars.

However, when it comes to the actual cooling process itself, central air conditioning units do an excellent job of cooling large spaces. Central AC can be controlled easily through a thermostat, and you will not have to think about turning it on or off manually.

Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Mini-splits are easier and more affordable to install. These are single-room units that cool one room at a time. The advantage of this type of system is that there’s no need for ductwork if your home doesn’t already have it; these systems require reliable refrigerant lines and electrical wires instead. Nevertheless, it is still best to leave the AC installation Martinez to the experts.

To keep costs down, mini-splits don’t usually include all the bells and whistles that central air conditioners do. The features you can expect to have are limited, but they still pack a powerful cooling punch.

Portable Air Conditioners

Another option is a portable air conditioner, which consists of two parts: the compressor and condenser unit and the evaporative cooling part or actual cooling unit. This unit is usually lightweight, typically weighing less than 150 pounds, and does not have any permanent installation requirements.

The downsides? These units tend to be quite loud, and most models don’t have filters for removing dust from the air. Moreover, it doesn’t efficiently cool large spaces; instead, these units are best suited for cooling a single room or small space. It’s also a good option if you’re moving places a lot.

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Each type of air conditioning unit has pros and cons. At Smart Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you choose which type of cooling equipment suits your preferences, property, and budget best. We will also make sure the unit is the right size, so you can make the most out of it.

If you’re ready to start your AC installation project in Martinez, please feel free to talk to our experts. Ask our team whatever you want to know about the service or the company, and we’ll be delighted to answer any queries you have.

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